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1. Compliance and Council

When building a new shed getting the right advice and working with an experienced and knowledgeable team can save you valuable time and money in getting the work approved and completed as quickly and as painlessly as possible. The maize of regulatory red tape in the building industry means that there often can be many answers to the same questions and thus working with an experienced team is a must.
Dural Sheds & Garages are happy to offer expert advice on how best to make the certification of your shed as easy and as economical as possible. Over the last 20 years we have compiled an outstanding team of local specialist who offer services ranging from simple Complying Development Certificate through to full Development Applications.
If you require Surveys, Bush Fire Reports, BASIX certificates, Ecological reports etc. we can put you into contact with the right people to get the job  done.

2. Kits Delivered to Site


3. Concreters/Earthworks

This is really the most important part of your job and can be the most expensive if you don’t deal with knowledgeable and experienced people. Quotes can vary hugely and end costs can escalate if your site is not prepared correctly. If you don’t have the expertise yourself then you need to work with people who do. Dural Sheds & Garages is proud to say that our concreters are the best we have seen and that’s why they are on our team. Cheapest is never the best. Cheapest will only guarantee you inferior products and workmanship.

4. Steel Shed Assembly

95% of our customers make use of our experienced Shed Builders to get their job done. Dealing with one company from start to finish saves time and money and means costly mistakes can be avoided when trying to deal with a myriad of sub-contractors yourself.  Steel kit assembly is a skilful business and needs experienced and reputable builders. Cheap, inexperienced and non-caring builders who just want to slap up your kit as quickly as possible will leave you with a badly assembled kit that will not perform how it was designed to. The cheapest builders are not who you want putting your new steel building together in an inferior way and that’s why Dural Sheds & Garages only works with a small, skilful team of specialist steel erectors.