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Cowra Bale Feeder

The Cowra Bale Feeder

Reduce waste and increase growth rates with the new Cowra Bale Feeder.
Compared with intact bale dumped on ground the Cowra bale feeder offers better growth rates, feed efficiency and big savings on wastage resulting in LOWER PRODUCTION COSTS.


  • Hay or Silage.
  • Spear, fork or grab.
  • Cattle facility (but not when together with sheep).
  • Avoids urine, faeces, mud spoilage.
  • Round or square bales.
  • Weather protection.
  • Low wastage.
  • Reduced disease transfer risk.


Large Size:

  • 2.74 metres x 1.65 metres.
  • Holds 1 x 8′ x 4′ bale or 2 round bales.


Independent Trial Results:

Research at Cowra Agricultural Station, with funding from the Australian Sheep CRC, has shown that the Cowra Bale Feeder reduces wastage considerably.

The results with the lucerne pasture silage also showed that when the Cowra Bale Feeders were used, lambs had higher intakes, weight gains and feed efficiency. To put on 10 kg of weight 1/3 less silage was used when fed in feeders at 50% silage, 50% grain. The lambs reached the target weight some 2 weeks earlier saving an estimated $4 per head in feed costs.

The amount of wastage will be higher when poorer quality feed is provided in production situations. Sheep are selective feeders and unless they are starving in a drought they will avoid feed that is soiled or weather damaged.

The Cowra Bale Feeder reduces weather damage and prevents spoilage by faeces, urine or mud.

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