Why choose a Ranbuild shed?

With 55 years experience and as a foundation member of the steel shed industry you can be assured that all our designs are of the highest standard. The use of only quality materials and rigorous testing will ensure your shed not only looks good but will withstand the toughest conditions.

Destruction testing confirms our engineer’s calculations and sets the safety margins for components and buildings alike.

Every test is carefully recorded. Angles, braces, cleats and members are all subject to the same pressure. The results are then analysed and final recommendations are given.

This series of base plates have just completed tests for up-lift and horizontal deflection. As you can see, they weren’t destroyed; even after applying three times the design load the plates never budged.

The Ranbuild infinite test bed allows us to apply loads to structural members representing both live and dead loads. Ranbuild test all new sections and designs in a similar manner. The tests and resulting data are usually far more accurate and more comprehensive than information supplied by the original manufacturer. These are just a sample of tests Ranbuild carry out to ensure quality.